Cha Moods has been hosting various tea tasting events at our humble home in the city center of Amsterdam! Drop by to meet the founders of Cha Moods and fellow tea lovers in the Netherlands. You won't be disappointed.



Private Wuyi Hong Cha/ Yancha Tasting

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Past Events

10/07/2022: 2022 First Flush Green Tea Tasting: We tasted some of the most exlusive Ming Qian Xihu Long Jing and other Ming Qian Green teas from China.

23/10/2022: Wuyi 'Yan Cha' Oolong Tea | Autumn Tasting Event: We tasted the classic Da Hong Pao, Rou Gui and Shuixian from the Zhengyan regions, together with a surprising Qi Zhong.

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