New Taiwanese Tea Tasting and Agarwood Scent burning Session


Join Macey and Yang on a curated exploration of Taiwan's finest teas, freshly sourced from our recent winter tea and scent trip. This exclusive tasting event by Cha Moods is a celebration of the diverse and rich tapestry of Taiwanese teas, aimed at both connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. 

Time & Date: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM on Mar 24th/Mar 31st, 2024

Location: Nieuwe Herengracht 25-H, Amsterdam

Number of guests: Maximum 8

Featured Teas:

  • Wenshan Pouchong: Journey to Pinglin, the birthplace of Pouchong, and experience a tea that embodies the light, floral essence of Northern Taiwan. 

  • Very Milky Jinxuan Oolong: Savor the natural creaminess of Jinxuan Oolong from the Alishan area, one of the top origins of Taiwanese tea, a tea celebrated not for artificial flavors but for its inherent floral and milky notes, a testament to its unique terroir and varietal.

  • Taiwan Oriental Beauty (White Oolong/Bug Bitten Oolong): Indulge in a premium tea that has matured gracefully over a year, releasing a deep honey-floral aroma that lingers in every sip, embodying the essence of Taiwan's tea mastery.

  • Award-Winning Red Oolong: Experience the innovation and tradition of Eastern Taiwan with an award winning Red Oolong by Taitung Tea Association. Despite its reddish hue, this tea surprises with a classic oolong flavor profile, representing the highest level of oxidation among Taiwanese oolongs.

Agarwood Scent Collection: As part of our tea setting highlights, we're thrilled to introduce our newly acquired agarwood scent collection from Taiwan. These carefully selected premium agarwood pieces emit a complex, soothing fragrance that perfectly complements our tea selection, creating an immersive atmosphere that elevates the sensory experience of the tasting.

Event Highlights:

  • Guided Tastings: Led by Macey and Yang, explore the origins, processing nuances, and unique flavor profiles of each featured tea.

  • Interactive Sessions: Engage in discussions about the art of Taiwanese tea making, the significance of terroir, and the story behind each cup.

  • Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in the rich tea culture of Taiwan, understanding the meticulous care and tradition that goes into every harvest.

Reserve Your Spot! Spaces are limited, so secure your spot today for this unique cultural tea tasting event. 

We can’t wait to share a cup of tea and immerse in the scent with you!

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