Longquan Qingci Bamboo Porcelain Tea Set


Origin: Long Quan

Material: Qing Ci Porcelain

Qing Ci, a special porcelain material renowned to the world since Song Dynasty in the town of Long Quan, Zhe Jiang Province. We select here a special set made from national tea ware master.

An essential porcelain tea set includes a teapot, and two distinctive tea cups. Porcelain becomes a strong and durable material after being fired in a high fire with glazing and it looks evenly thin and slightly translucent. It is used often as teaware material, not only for its delicacy and prettiness, but has some practical reasons. The high density of porcelain material is best to preserve the aroma and the taste of the tea, as well as the warm temperature.

It is the embodiment of minimal design that combines traditional Chinese aesthetic whilst being very convenient to use for various types of tea.

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