Unboxing: Tea Caddy Maofeng 1st Grade | Green Tea


毛峰一级: Magnolia floral, vegetal, corn, mellow, umami

Experience the joy of unboxing with our Tea Caddy, elegantly presented in a tall paper box adorned with a bamboo lid in a specially curated Cha Moods gift box. A brewing instruction is included for an immersive tea experience.

Tea farm location: Yunnan

Maofeng green tea brings you the essence of spring. The shape of the finished tea is delicate and flat, with a few sharp edges, and the color is light and smooth green. Best brewed in a glass cup, where you see the mist around the rim and the leaves standing and swaying inside. A great choice if you are looking to recharge in the middle of a working day.

As the classification ‘1st Grade’ suggests, this green tea comes from the finest Spring harvest of the tea farm in Lin Cang, delicate and flat, with a few sharp edges, and the color is light and smooth green. It is from a tea farm that uses Da Ye Zhong cultivar, unlike most other green tea, and gives off a very unique mellow umami taste and vegetal aroma, a must try for those who are curious!

white Magnolia floral fragrance
fresh and umami taste, hints of steamed corn
delicate and tender aftertaste

suggested teaware: glass teaware
method: 3g tea in 250ml/90°C water (could be brewed for 2-3 times)
brewing time: 3min

The green tea leaves are dried indoors in a rattan basket until the leaves become soft. Then the leaves are stirred for fixation and the aroma becomes more prominent. Afterwards the farmers roll the leaves lightly by hand and roast them dozens of times with decreasing temperature each time.

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