Watercolor 'Sand Earth' Tea cups 75ml


A set of wood fired color glazed ceramic teacups. Cracked glaze finish.

This type of shape is called 'Chan Ding', which means Meditative state. The roundness of the cup helps achieve that.

Perfect match for any beige/sandy/natural color series teapot and gong dao bei. 

Each piece is one of its kind and handmade by a gallery studio in Jingdezhen. 

We present here a handmade collection of teapots, teacups, and Gaiwans from Jingdezhen. Each piece is one of its kind and handmade by a gallery studio in Jingdezhen. The main technique ‘color glaze’ relies on the change of glaze watercolor to decorate the porcelain base. The content of various trace elements in the glaze is adjusted to achieve the purpose of changing the glaze colour. This teapot features a high-fired glaze on the outside and is unglazed inside.

This teapot features a large ball filter, holds approximately 200ml of liquid and pours empty in approximately 14 seconds.

(Please note that as this teapot is made from rough clay, the lid may or may not seal perfectly, especially compared to tighter fitting purple clay pots. If you find the seal to leak, we advise using a smooth, steady pour to avoid drips without sacrificing pouring speed.)

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