Alishan High Mountain Oolong 2022 Winter | Tasting notes by Tea Sommelier Mariëlla Erkens

AliShan High Mountain Oolong 2022 Winter

Light oolong tea from Alishan, Taiwan (Qin Xin cultivar)
First steep: 3 g 80 ml 80℃ 90 sec

Aroma dry leaf: floral, herbaceous

Aroma wet leaf: vegetal, herbaceous, floral

Taste:  sweet
Aroma taste: floral, fruity, herbaceous, lilac, red apple, lily, parsley, eucalyptus
Aftertaste: long, bitter, slightly acidic, fruity
Texture: smooth, round, ends slightly dry, vibrant, fresh
Flavor type: bright
Intensity: M
Remarks: see below cold brew extract


Second steep: 90C 1 min

More flavor; sweet, umami and a hint of fruity bitterness. Still smooth, bright, floral, vegetal, herbaceous; lilac, green leaf vegetables, parsley, mint


Third steep: 95C 1 min

Sweet and bitter, dry, bright, vegetal, floral, fruity, herbaceous, spices; chicory, purslane, rocket, nasturtium, grapefruit, pepper


Fourth steep: 70C 2 min

Neutral to dry, bitter and sweet and umami, dry, bright, floral, vegetal, spices; tulip, green bell pepper, mint, black pepper


Cold brew tea extract made with Alishan:

Smooth, bright, sweet, umami, vegetal, floral, herbaceous. Much more herbaceous and more umami than above.

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