Chinese Tea

Natural beauty from single gardens

Chinese tea constitutes a specific group within the tea universe. You have herbal tea, such as rooibos tea, mint tea, and flower tea like chamomile tea. And you also have teabag tea, often packed with crushed up leaves. Sometimes it is mixed with other overwhelmingly aromatic spices and herbs, leaving little space for the essence of the tea leaf itself. But you also have full leaf loose tea, and this is the tea we are talking about. It’s a natural beauty! Chinese full leaf loose tea is a single garden tea, without any additives or post production. It is especially made for tea drinkers to celebrate the distinctiveness and elegance of the tea leaf itself.

Chinese tea all started with a single tea tree plant some 3,000 years ago. It then spread out to different regions across the country. Every region has its own climate conditions, soil quality, and methods of craftsmanship. With centuries of knowledge and development on propagation and production, teas from different regions grew dramatically apart and have developed their own characteristic features and unique taste.

Thanks to its long and winding history, Chinese tea itself already has a full spectrum of tastes and sensations, and you can find almost everything in there. From fresh to dark, warm to sharp, with different texture, light to heavy. Tastes range from floral, grassy, to mellow, nutty, name it! And sometimes you can even find a combination of those together in one tea. Like we always say: a good cup of Chinese tea has its own twists and turns.

Our Tea

Never-ending curation

Finding the right tea to impress our customers is a never-ending journey. We constantly work with tea masters for special curations. Being very serious about the subtle flavor differences and the quality of our tea, we test tea from every new harvest season. From observing the shape of the tea leaves and the brewed color, to marking down the aroma, taste and aftertaste. We never tire of brewing our teas multiple times to get a full understanding of their quality. Cha Moods aims to curate and select only the best.

The Art of Tea

Appreciation with a learning curve

Fine art, classical music, fabulous wine – all those amazing things humans created, require some knowledge to enjoy. Our tea works the same. Once you learn how to appreciate it, it unlocks a world of new sensations. The tea drinker will first experience a steep learning curve: you will learn how to tell the subtle differences in tastes, to brew tea in a Gongfu tea way, and finally, to develop your own tastes in Chinese full leaf loose tea. The learning process itself is a great experience for all tea lovers and foodies, and Cha Moods will be there for you to offer guidance.

Tea and beyond

Seize the moment

Instead of drinking tea from a huge coffee mug, how about we take our time, brew the tea in a small teapot, and drink tea from a tiny teacup? Looking at the tea leaves from the Dragon Well Green dance inside their glass, does that bring back memories of a time-stopping moment in your life? Does that Ancient Tree Raw Pu’er make you curious about what is happening in those snow mountains in Yunnan province, where the tea was produced? Maybe a snub-nosed monkey is sticking out its head. On the southern side of the same province, a green peafowl – the “king of birds” – is flaunting his incredibly extravagant tail feathers. You may start to wonder about the destination for your next trip in summer.

For Cha Moods, drinking tea is not only a great way to heal your spirit from biking in the rain, to unwind after a stressful day at work, or to escape from cleaning the mess in the kitchen. It can offer a much more intense experience than that. It may remind you of all those beautiful moments in your life and all the adorable creatures and things existing in the eastern corners of the world. We want to find you the kind of tea to set the right tone for seizing that moment, in your heart and on your mind.