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Cha Moods

'Tea In Season' Quarterly Subscription


Inspired by the Chinese Lunisolar Calendar, Cha Moods curated special new teas suitable for each season! Each season there will be 4 types of tea of 20 grams. 

A sneak peak of what's included throughout the year:

'Laozong Premium Lapsang Souchong' from the secret Tongmuguan, Wuyi Mountain

'Xiao Qing Gan', Shu Pu'er stuffed in aged Chen Pi (tangerine peel). We source them from the origin of most authentic Chen Pi production city: Xin Hui

'Jin Yao Shi', Qi Zhong Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) from Zhengyan region of Wuyi Mountain

Exotic, Nutty, Creamy, Green, Spring? (who am I =w=)

Wild, Floral, Aged, Sweet? (who am I =w=)

Oriental, tea champagne? (who am I =w=)

 Early bird offering for the whole year: 15% off

Join this unique season inspired tea club, selecting only top grade teas!

Dispatch since Mid Season every quarter. Shipping is included within EU.



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