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elevated tea programs for specialty coffee shops and fine dining restaurant


Tea Direct From producers

Cha Moods connect you to the origins of extraordinary tea, straight from the hands of tea producers.

Our close relationships with farmers and tea masters, gives you access to coveted teas usually reserved for domestic markets.

But it's not just access to exceptional tea; it's access to the incredible stories and knowledge of the people who make it. Cha Moods programs exist to bring culinary professionals and the people they serve closer to the origins of this very special product.


Tea programs built to suit

One-size-fits-all isn't our style.

Building your tea service with us is a collaborative experience that considers your customers, baristas, and goals with tea. Together, we'll design an effective, streamlined tea menu for your space that is a joy to steep.

Importantly, you'll have permanent access to our expertise. Drop us a line anytime—we love to hear from our partners.

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If you are coffee roasters, cafes, restaurants, we always say yes to drop by for a tea tasting.

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