2014 Menghai Sheng Pu'er Tuocha | Pu'er Tea


勐海生普沱茶: full bodied, rich, mellow, slight bitterness, unique aging aroma, plum like fruitiness, quick, long-lasting and fresh sweetness

Tea farm: Menghai County, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

Tea Master: Zhuang Jin Li



Another classic piece by master Zhuang Jin Li. The tea leaves are pressed tighter in a Tuocha appearance than normal Pu'er cake. The tight shape on the outside allows one to appreciate the delicate appearances of the leaves. Made from 2014, this Tuocha already accumulates an unique 'old' fragrance, approaching that of a Shu Pu'er's mellowness while harnessing its own complex aroma and depth.

The the tea master Zhuang Jin Li is the founder of her own tea company Shuangli. Previously retired from the famous Meng Hai Tea Factory as Chief Quality Officer, she has over 50 years experience in making Pu'er tea and has created many renowned classic pieces. She is one of the few in the industry who has mastered the traditional blending technology and unique fermentation process of Meng Hai Tea Factory.

Tuo Cha (沱茶) is a special form of Pu'er cake. Made from the same raw Pu'er tea material, they are pressed into a small bowl like structure, normally of 100-250g. Historically, the form was used for ease of transportation, so it could be shipped to different parts of the country. This cake is produced from 2014 and can be drunk directly.

full bodied, rich, mellow, slight bitterness
unique aging aroma, plum like fruitiness
quick, long-lasting and fresh sweetness

suggested teaware: gaiwan
method: 5g tea in 110ml/100°C (could be brewed for 13-14 times). 1st time wash the tea and throq away the water
brewing time: 1st (washing); 3s. 2-4; 5s,5-13: longer

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