2015 Purple TAETEA 1505 Sheng Pu'er Cake | Pu'er Tea


紫大益1501: high fragrance and pure, sweet and smooth taste with moderate fermentation, quick and long lasting sweet aftertaste

Tea farm: Menghai County, Yunnan

Purple Dayi is a classic tea in the Dayi tea system first produced by Menghai Tea Factory in 1996. The Zi(Purple) Dayi trademark that blooms like a purple rose has attracted countless old tea fans, so it has the reputation of "Rose Purple Dayi". It was also the first time that TaeTea used the purple+red packaging for outer and inner paper wrapping, symboling tremendous success according to the Chinese proverb.

This year of 2015 version tries to re-engrave the classic original cake of 1996. It is no coincidence that this Zi Dayi stays a myth of immortality in the history of Pu'er tea. It draws on the rich charm of the mountains of Menghai and has a well researched and formulated secret recipe, thus innovating on a new level of Pu'er tea, allowing the years to pass. Rolling forward, no one can forget the amazingness of the first encounter with it.

high fragrance and pure
sweet and smooth taste with moderate fermentation
quick and long lasting sweet aftertaste

suggested teaware: gaiwan/zisha
method: 5g tea in 110ml/100°C (could be brewed for 13-14 times). 1st time wash the tea and throw away the water
brewing time: 1st (washing); 3s. 2-4; 5s,5-13: longer

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