2015 Menghai Wild Big Tree Shu Pu'er Tea Cake 红韵 | Pu'er Tea


A properly aged all rounded Shu Pu'er, beginner friendly. No fishy taste, very mellow, jujube flavor, subtly sweet. Brings Very calming cha qi energy and quiet for the stomach. The 'maocha' for this cake is selected from the wild trees aged from 50-100 years in the Menghai region, fermented until 40% and blended by tea Master Zhuang based on the flavors. 

Tea farm: Menghai County, Yunnan

Tea Master: Zhuang Jin Li

Altitude: ~1500m

Variety: Dayezhong Shaiqing

About the master: Based in Menghai, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China. She has over-50-year experience in making Pu’er tea, and has created many renowned classic pieces even after her retirement from the famous Meng Hai Tea Factory as Chief Quality Officer. She is one of the few in the industry who have mastered the traditional blending technology and unique fermentation process of Meng Hai Tea Factory, the producers of the infamous TAETEA 大益 tea.

This Pu'er cake is a classic taster of Menghai flavor. is made by drying, kneading, piling, fermenting and pressing according to traditional techniques. The golden hair is exposed, oily and glowing. The soup color resembles deep red wine, the golden circle is revealed, the tea soup is transparent and crystal clear, and the taste is mellow, rich and refreshing. Smooth and fragrant, the aroma of arbor is obvious and strong, and the bottom of the leaves is full of vibrance.

high fragrance, earthy, jujube
mellow, sweet, hearty
quick and long lasting sweet aftertaste

suggested teaware: gaiwan
method: 5g tea in 110ml/100°C (could be brewed for 13-14 times). 1st time wash the tea and throw away the water
brewing time: 1st (washing); 3s. 2-4; 5s,5-13: longer

Shai Qing, fermented and blended

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