2017 Baimudan Cake | White Tea | Mei Xiangjing


2017白牡丹: complex floral fragrance, fresh, mellow, sweet taste devoid of astringency, woody, light fruitiness

Tea farm: Fuding, Fujian

Tea Master: Mei Xiangjing 梅相靖



A special edition Baimudan cake from Master Mei Xiangjing using 2017 Maocha as base.

Baimudan has green leaves with silver-white hearts, shaped like flowers. The green leaves hold the tender buds after brewing, just like flower buds' first blooming, thus known as White Peony (Baimudan).

It is very popular among new tea lovers given its good price-to-value ratio compared to higher grade white tea such as Silver Needle. Experienced tea drinkers can't resist its freshness and highly floral fragrance either.

As mentioned above, the aroma of white peony is high and rich. Briefly, it can be divided into three categories. The herbaceous tea fragrance, the fragrance of flowers and the fragrance of rice dumplings' leaf.
Among them, the floral aroma is the main aroma and dominates. The floral fragrance of white peony includes elegant orchid, jasmine fragrance, sweet osmanthus fragrance, dignified magnolia flower fragrance, and rich gardenia fragrance.
These rich aromas help white peony become the flower fairy in white tea.

Master Mei is the representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage project 'Fuding White Tea Making Skills'. He is the grandson of Mei Bozhen, a famous tea merchant in the late Qing Dynasty.

Good white tea, seven-point drying, three-point roasting, drying, withering, and braised roasting. The traditional craftsmanship of Fuding white tea is simple and subtle. Master Mei Xiangjing has inherited the family's ancestral business. He guards and develops this traditional skill from the simplest to the most complex with the pure and dedicated craftsman spirit.

elegant, sweet floral, herbaceous aroma
sweet taste, woody, fruity, citrius
quick, long-lasting and fresh sweetness aftertaste

suggested teaware: gaiwan
method: 5g tea in 110ml/100°C (could be brewed for >10 times).
brewing time: 1st 8s. 2-4; 15s,<5: longer

The key to its production process lies in withering, which should be controlled flexibly according to the climate. It is better to take indoor natural withering. The picking standard is mainly spring tea, which is generally one bud and two leaves.

White peony leaves have natural, dark moss color, white hairs on the back of the leaves. The soup has apricot yellow or orange yellow color.

The refining process removes the stems, slices and old leaves. Only the aroma of the fire should be used to stimulate the aroma of the tea, so that the fragrance is displayed and the soup tastes fresh. When the moisture content is 4-5%. It is pressed it while it is still hot.

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