2018 Laoshu Yinzhen Cake | White Tea | Mei Xiangjing


老树银针: fruity, floral, herbal, grassy, and hay-like notes. light to medium, crisp texture smooth and elegant, energizing

Tea farm: Fuding, Fujian

Tea Master: Mei Xiangjing 梅相靖



A special edition Silver Needle cake from Master Mei Xiangjing using 2018 Maocha as base.

Baihao Silver Needle is also known as Pekoe. Because most of the finished products are buds, the whole body is covered with pekoe, the dry leaf color is as white as silver, and the shape is slender like a needle, so it is named elegantly. Pekoe tea is the best among the pure white tea varieties. It is has been a tribute to the royal family in all dynasties.

The finished tea buds of Yinzhen are fat and strong, covered with white hairs, bright white in color, sparkling like silver, long and straight, like edges like needles, the soup color is clear and bright, light apricot yellow, the mouth fragrance is revealed, and the taste is fresh.

Master Mei is the representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage project 'Fuding White Tea Making Skills'. He is the grandson of Mei Bozhen, a famous tea merchant in the late Qing Dynasty.

Good white tea, seven-point drying, three-point roasting, drying, withering, and braised roasting. The traditional craftsmanship of Fuding white tea is simple and subtle. Master Mei Xiangjing has inherited the family's ancestral business, and guards and develops this traditional skill from the simplest to the most complex with the pure and dedicated craftsman spirit.

The mellow taste of white tea that haunted the tongue since childhood has given Master Mei Xiangjing the unchanging "first heart of a leaf" for more than half a century.

fruity, energetic, herbaceous, umami
tea soup is mellow and long, and the mouthfeel and aftertaste can be integrated into one, making it majestic;
sweet and long aftertaste

suggested teaware: gaiwan
method: 5g tea in 110ml/80°C (could be brewed for >10 times)
brewing time: 1st 8s. 2-4; 15s,>5: longer

Baihao silver needles are hand-picked, 'needle' drawn from leaves, and made from buds as raw materials, without kneading or twisting, going through only natural sunning and other traditional white tea production processes

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