2020 Bing Dao Legend Gushu Sheng Pu'er Cake | Pu'er Tea


冰岛传奇: honey, orchid and rock sugar long lasting fragrance, fresh, rocky, sweet umami taste, slight astringent after taste but quickly turns sweet

Tea farm: Lin Cang City

Tea Master: Zhan Pei Hong


Bing Dao, literally translated as Ice Island, are villages with virgin forests of 2-3000 meter altitude in Lin Cang City. Pu'er Tea has a well deserved reputation of "Queen of Tea". It gathers "fragrance, umami, sweetness, astringency and qi", can be said that Bing Dao perfectly expounds the charm of Pu'er tea. it began in 1485 when the ethnic Dai people tribute tea began in the Ming Dynasty. Since then, it has created a legend of Pu'er.

It is one of the most precious Yunnan Pu-er teas, a typical Mengku big-leaf cultivar tree, with long dark green, thick and soft leaves, rich tea fragrance. Its uniqueness is its sweetness and quick and long lasting umami after taste, definitely a must-have item for high-end collections.

The tea master of this cake selects best Spring tips, made exclusively from the native ancient trees (Gushu) of around 150 years old, planted from the Qing Dynasty. They are mainly in Bing Dao Village, Gongnong Village and Dazhong Mountain in the middle and lower part of Daxue Mountain, Mengku Town, Lincang City. It also qualifies the grade 'Gushu Yin Hao', which means ancient tree Silver Needle, the highest grade for loose tea leaves.

The color of Bing Dao Sheng tea after brewing is beautiful golden yellow, the soup is thick and sweet, and it is smooth, almost no bitter tastes. The entrance is of full body fluid, the aroma is obvious, and the tea taste is heavier. After sipping, the aftertaste is endless, and the roar will last forever!

The the tea master Zhan Pei Hong, the Director of Lincang Tea Factory and the President of Lincang Ancient Tree Tea Association, who has decades of experience in making Pu'er Tea. As most Sheng Pu'er, aging is an important aspect. If you can resist the temptation, it can be stored up to decades for the more depth of flavors.

honey, orchid and rock sugar long lasting fragrance
fresh, rocky, sweet umami taste
slight astringent after taste but quickly turns sweet

suggested teaware: gaiwan
method: 5g tea in 110ml/100°C (could be brewed for 13-14 times). 1st time wash the tea and throw away the water
brewing time: 1st (washing); 3s. 2-4; 5s,5-13: longer

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