2023 First Flush High Mountain Yunwu | Green Tea


明前高山云雾: grassy and vegetal fragrance, smooth, slightly nutty, and sweet umami taste, delicate and tender aftertaste

Tea farm location: Baiyun Mountain, Hunan.

A lesser-known name from a lesser-known tea production area, but one of the best value for the price. We found this tea garden through our network and gave it a try, and we love it! 

Ming Qian means harvested before Qing Ming Festival and the rainy spring season (4th April on the Lunar calendar). After a long winter, the tea tree rests and grows slowly, yielding leaves with more umami and sweetness. The buds and leaves of the tea picked during this time will be relatively tender, giving it all the qualities you would ask for for a green tea: umami, fresh, sweet after taste.

grassy and vegetal fragrance
smooth, slightly nutty, and sweet umami taste
delicate and tender aftertaste

suggested teaware: any glass teaware
method: 3g tea in 250ml/85°C (could be brewed for 2-3 times)
brewing time: 3min

After harvest, the leaves are dried for about half a day to reduce their raw grassy flavor and to lessen the amount of moisture before the farmers collect them to be carefully pan-fried.

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