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2024 First Flush West Lake Long Jing (Dragon Well)| Li Tong Wu| Green Tea


明前西湖龙井: striking nutty flavor, sesame, roasted hazelnut, coffee, sweet, umami, long and winding aftertaste

Tea farm location: Li Tong Wu, Hangzhou.

Introducing our third-year collaboration with our friend Doreen, whose family hails from Li Jia Wu in the prestigious Xi Hu district. We're thrilled to present one of the most premium West Lake Dragon Well (Xi Hu Long Jing) Green teas available outside of China. Handpicked before the Qing Ming Festival and the rainy spring season (4th April), this exquisite Ming Qian Long Jing offers an unparalleled tea experience for the discerning palate.

  • 2024 Yuqian West Lake (Xi Hu) Long Jing : Yu Qian (pre Guyu) batch, harvested around Qing Ming Festival (5th April) from the tea family Chen in the Long Wu area, located inside the West Lake (Xi Hu) area. The strong nutty, bakes sesame and umami taste tell the epitome of Chinese green tea.

  • 2024 Yuqian Anji Baicha: Yu Qian (pre Gu Yu) batch, harvested around Qing Ming Festival (5th April) from the Long Xi area within the Anji County. High in Amino acid, Anji Baicha is the queen of green tea for it's elegancy and fresh umami.
  • 2023 Spring Jinxuan Milky Oolong: Savor the natural creaminess of Jinxuan Oolong from the Alishan area, one of the top origins of Taiwanese tea, a tea celebrated not for artificial flavors but for its inherent floral and milky notes, a testament to its unique terroir and varietal.

  • Moonlight Dragon Ball: Crafted through a gentle steaming and pressing process, these dragon balls offer a slight increase in oxidation compared to loose leaves version of our beloved Moonlight 1st Grade White Tea, enhancing the tea's richness and complexity. Convenient and easy to use, each dragon ball is a perfectly measured serving. The initial longer steeping time allows the leaves to unfurl, releasing a full-bodied, nuanced flavor akin to aged white tea. These dragon balls are ideal for aging, developing deeper and more intricate flavors over time. Enjoy a tea that transforms with each brew, offering a journey of evolving tastes in every cup.

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