2024 First Flush West Lake Long Jing (Dragon Well)| Long Wu | Green Tea


明前西湖龙井, 龙坞: striking nutty flavor, savory, sweet, umami, long and winding aftertaste, slightly bitter but turns sweet quickly

Tea farm location: Long Jing Village, Hangzhou.

Cultivar: Long Jing 43

Picking date: 26th Mar 2024

Read about the tea farm and the tea master.

Master Chen runs his family owned tea farm in Long Wu, Xi Hu district, just miles away from the infamous Mei Jia Wu. This is the second year of our collaboration. Last year spring we paid a visit to the tea farm and came back with this goodie: Harvested within the short time window before Qing Ming Festival and the rainy spring season (4th April). This is the real deal: one of the most premium West Lake Dragon Well (Xi Hu Long Jing) Green tea you could find. 


Dragon Well is a variety of pan-roasted green tea from Longjing Village in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The tea leaves are flat in shape and once they jump into the water, you can see them dancing freely in a glass cup. Freshness is king when it comes to green tea, and this applies especially to Dragon Well. Sometimes you open a good bag of roasted coffee beans and get indulged in its tempting aroma: think of Dragon Well as the green tea version of that brown coffee aroma.

It is a very delicate tea and produced mostly by hand. Renowned for its uniqueness and rareness, it tops the list of “10 Most Famous Chinese Teas”. Its high caffeine content makes it a pleasant and refreshing choice for all occasions.

Because of the limited time period that the quantity for this first flush is scarce, especially the ones that are from the core production areas in the famous Long Jing Village in Hangzhou. Cha Moods work directly with the tea family in the Long Jing Village, ensuring this rare beauty is brought with minimal time and complexity to your home.

striking nutty flavor
smooth, fresh and sweet umami taste
long tender sweet aftertaste

suggested teaware: any glass teaware
method: 3g tea in 250ml/85°C (could be brewed for 2-3 times)
brewing time: 3min

After harvest, the leaves are dried for about half a day to reduce their raw grassy flavor and to lessen the amount of moisture before the farmers collect them to be carefully pan-fried.

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