2024 Yuqian West Lake Long Jing (Dragon Well)| Long Jing 43 | Green Tea


雨前西湖龙井, 里桐坞: striking floral flavor, slightly nutty, savory, umami, long and winding aftertaste, slightly bitter but turns sweet quickly

Tea farm location: Li Tong Wu Village, Hangzhou.

Cultivar: Long Jing 43

Picking date: 5th April

In comparison to the earlier Pre-Qing Ming batch (before4th April), this Yu Qian tea is grown during the rainy season just after Qing Ming Festival. Yuqian West Lake Dragon Well is generally slightly larger in leaf size, has stronger and fuller taste as they could absorb the additional growth from the rain season and slightly higher temperature.

The Tea farm in located within the Xi Hu (West Lake) area in Hang Zhou, run by family Huang, a piece of hilly tea field that they inherited from generations. This is the 3 year that we corporate with family Huang.


Introducing our West Lake Longjing (Dragon Well) Yuqian Tea, a springtime delight cultivated from the Longjing 43 cultivar, a premium variety renowned for its unique aroma and taste. Harvested during the "Yuqian" period, after the rain-soaked days of early spring but before the Grain Rain festival, this tea offers an exquisite balance of flavor and aroma.

Unlike its earlier harvested counterpart, Mingqian, Yuqian Longjing has a more pronounced flavor and a slightly fuller body. This is due to the additional growth period that allows the leaves to mature more, drawing more nutrients from the soil. The result is a tea that's richer and more rounded, without losing the classic freshness and vibrancy of Longjing.

The Longjing 43 cultivar is particularly prized for its resistance to harsh weather, its high yield, and most importantly, its exceptional quality. It is characterized by its flat and smooth leaves, and its bright green color. When brewed, it produces a delicate yellow-green liquor with a sweet, mellow flavor and a refreshing, lingering aftertaste.

Experience the nuanced complexity of our West Lake Longjing Yuqian Tea, and discover why it holds a special place in the heart of tea connoisseurs worldwide.

Because of the limited time period that the quantity for this first flush is scarce, especially the ones that are from the core production areas in the Xi Hu area in Hangzhou. Cha Moods work directly with the tea family in the Long Wu Village, ensuring this rare beauty is brought with minimal time and complexity to your home.

striking nutty flavor
smooth, fresh and sweet umami taste
long tender sweet aftertaste

suggested teaware: any glass teaware
method: 3g tea in 250ml/85°C (could be brewed for 2-3 times)
brewing time: 3min

After harvest, the leaves are dried for about half a day to reduce their raw grassy flavor and to lessen the amount of moisture before the farmers collect them to be carefully pan-fried.

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