West Lake Long Jing (Dragon Well) | Green Tea


西湖龙井: nutty, hazelnut, sesame, sweet umami taste, long aftertaste

Tea farm location: Hangzhou

Dragon Well is a variety of pan-roasted green tea from Longjing Village in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The tea leaves are flat in shape and once they jump into the water, you can see them dancing freely in a glass cup. Freshness is king when it comes to green tea, and this applies especially to Dragon Well. Sometimes you open a good bag of roasted coffee beans and get indulged in its tempting aroma: think of Dragon Well as the green tea version of that brown coffee aroma.

It is a very delicate tea and produced mostly by hand. Renowned for its uniqueness and rareness, it tops the list of “10 Most Famous Chinese Teas”. Its high caffeine content makes it a pleasant and refreshing choice for all occasions.

grassy and fresh linen fragrance
smooth, slightly nutty, and sweet umami taste
delicate and tender aftertaste

suggested teaware: any glass teaware
method: 3g tea in 250ml/85°C (could be brewed for 2-3 times)
brewing time: 3min

After harvest, the leaves are dried for about half a day to reduce their raw grassy flavor and to lessen the amount of moisture before the farmers collect them to be carefully pan-fried.

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