Tie Guan Yin (Iron Goddess) | Oolong Tea


铁观音:orchid, milky, sweet, mellow, metallic, fresh

Tea farm location: Anxi

Chamoods presents: Premium Grade Tie Guan Yin!

Tie Guan Yin is a lightly oxidised Oolong tea that originated in Anxi in Fujian province. The name ‘Iron Goddess’ was given by Qianlong Emperor who described the form of tea to be tight and heavy as iron, and the temperament of the tea reminds him of the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy, who is sophisticated, exquisite, and elegant. Its distinct fresh flavor, deep floral notes, and metallic undertones set it apart from other Oolong teas.

If Wuyi Oolong tea is the kind of Oolong tea more on the black tea side, then Anxi Oolong is the kind of Oolong tea closer to green tea. After brew, it turns into golden yellow and shines like the sun. In summer, this tea also lends itself for a cold brew, pairing its fabulous and energizing taste with fresh dishes.

rich yet elegant orchids fragrance
fresh, floral and metallic taste
tender sweet aftertaste

suggested teaware: teapot / gaiwan
method: 5g tea in 110ml/100°C water (could be brewed for 6-8 times)
brewing time:
the 1st-3rd time: 10s
the 4th-6th time: 45s, 90s, 120s
the 7th-8th time: 140s, 160s

The tea leaves are sun withered after they are plucked by hand. Once the leaves are cooled down, a bamboo basket is used to toss and tumble them about, so as to bruise the edges of the leaves, leaving them half oxidised. Then the leaves are heated and rotated in the oven, a fixation step meant to stop the oxidation process. In the end the leaves are dried into the finished tea.

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