Jinxuan Milky Oolong | Oolong Tea


金萱奶香乌龙: milky, vegetal, floral, honey, caramel

Tea farm location: Taiwan

Milky Oolong is a semi-oxidised Oolong tea produced in Taiwan and it is considered top grade among the many varieties of Taiwanese Oolong tea. As the name suggests, it gives off a milky aroma and leaves a delicate caramel aftertaste. The natural creamy fragrance of this Milky Oolong is much more subtle than that of alternatives whose scent is enhanced by artificial additives. The tea leaf has a hemisphere shape with a twisted stem, which will spread into a full leaf shape in water after a good brew.

elegant floral and natural milky fragrance
refreshing honey taste
caramel aftertaste

suggested teaware: teapot / gaiwan
tea: 3-4g
temperature: 100°C
water: 110ml
number of times for brewing: could be brewed for 5-6 times
brewing time:
the 1st-3rd time: 10s, +5s per extra time
the 4th-6th time: 25s, +15s per extra time

After harvest, the tea leaves are withered in the sun and then left in the shades to cool down and achieve partial oxidation. At this stage, the edge of the leaf turns red, while its heart remains green. Next, the farmers fry the leaves at multiple temperatures to remove moisture and stop the oxidation. Lastly, the tea leaves are placed in a machine to be twisted into ball shapes.

oolong tea

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