Moonlight 1st Grade | White Tea


无量风月: floral, sweet, citrus, mellow, Pu'er like texture. Tasting Notes here.

Tea farm location: Wuliang Mountain, Yunnan

Each leaf of this Moonlight 1st Grade has a black and a white side: just like the moon, it dims or shines. We think it tastes as romantic as its name sounds. It is a kind of white tea that has sweet and delicate flavors and unexpectedly rich textures similar to Pu’er tea. As the classification ‘1st Grade’ suggests, this white tea comes from the finest part of the tea farm. Legend has it that the tea is picked and dried in the moonlight by beautiful local women, and you might have heard of it by its nickname “Moonlight Beauty”.

It is refreshing and will not become bitter even after brewing for a long time. You can drink this tea throughout the day. White Tea contains numerous antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties, such as ‘Catechin’.

Similar to other White Tea and Pu’er Tea, Moonlight’s post fermenting process can go on for decades, enhancing flavor and value over time.

compelling floral fragrance
bright and rich taste
innocent and sweet aftertaste

suggested teaware: teapot / gaiwan
method: 3g tea in 110ml/90°C water (could be brewed for 7-10 times)
brewing time: the 1st time: 30s, the rest of times: +20s per extra time

White tea usually requires minimal crafts. This one is naturally made in a two-step process. After being hand-picked by the farmers, the leaves are withered indoors to avoid exposure to direct sunlight and then lightly oxidised in the shades.

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