Osmanthus Oolong | Oolong Tea


桂花乌龙: Osmanthus floral fragrance, fresh and smooth taste, sweet aftertaste

Tea farm location: Fujian

The scent of the Osmanthus flower is the smell of autumn in China. It is nostalgic and easily brings back childhood memories. The aroma of Osmanthus mostly lies in the petals and it will remain after the flower has been dried.

The combination of Osmanthus with Oolong smells like a dream and results from a production process that shows considerable sophistication. Instead of simply putting dried flowers into the Oolong at the end, the fragrance of the flowers is scented onto the leaves already at the earliest stage. The elaborate process facilitates full absorption of the floral scent, thus releasing its essence most effectively.

Osmanthus floral fragrance
fresh and smooth taste
tender sweet aftertaste

suggested teaware: teapot / gaiwan
method: 5g tea in 250ml/100°C water (could be brewed for 3 times)
brewing time: 2 min

Layers of tea are mixed with layers of Osmanthus to allow the Oolong tea to absorb the fragrance of Osmanthus, as the mixture is stored in a cellar to dry at high temperature. This process is repeated several times to make sure that the floral scent is well absorbed by the leaves.

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