Red Tea + Glass Teapot Set

€36,90 €38,05
Experience tea brewing at its finest with our beloved Borosilicate Glass teapot, featuring a sleek wood handle. This exquisite teapot is thoughtfully paired with a delightful red tea that will warm your heart with every sip. With its ideal volume, the teapot is perfect for brewing tea in the 'western style,' allowing for a smaller tea-to-water ratio and 2-3 steepings to extract the full flavors. Elevate your tea ritual and embrace the art of tea with this exceptional combination.

This elegantly designed teapot is made of Borosilicate Glass, which is a high-grade thermal glass. It has a fine thermo-stability and can withstand sudden temperature change from -20℃ to 150℃. You can use the glass teapot for both hot and cold brew, and the glass kettle can actually be placed on the stovetop, with the tea left
to boil. We recommend using this bigger size pot for dark tea types such as red tea and ripe Pu’er tea.

Hand wash or place securely on the top shelf of your dishwasher.

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