Shanlinxi Jinxuan Oolong | Oolong Tea


杉林溪金萱: Floral, vegetal, umami, fruity buttery, refreshing, smooth, mellow, sweet, caramel

Tea farm location: Shanlinxi, Taiwan

Cultivar: Jinxuan

Located in the Shānlín Xī tea region in Nántóu County, Taiwan, at an elevation of 1600-1800 meters, this tea offers an elegant blend of floral and tea aromas. The tea soup is clear and pure, with a rich and lingering aftertaste. This limited seasonal hand-picked high-mountain tea embodies the unmatched essence of Taiwan's high mountains. Indulge in the unforgettable experience of its premium fresh tea aroma and lingering sweetness.

This medium-oxidized tea captured our attention with its unique combination of woody and vegetal aromas, and hints of orchid and buttery undertone reminiscent of the captivating essence of Shanlinxi. Its taste left a lasting impression, ensuring it stood out from the rest, leaving a lasting impression that will keep you coming back for more.

Floral, vegetal, buttery, refreshing, smooth, mellow, sweet, caramel, light-bodied

suggested teaware: teapot / gaiwan,
method: 5g tea in 110ml/100°C water (could be brewed for up to 8times)
brewing time:
the 1st-3rd time: 10-30s
the 4th-8th time: 50-90s

The production process of Oolong tea is usually considered the most complicated among all tea types. After harvest, the tea is withered in the sun to start oxidation. The next step in the process involves ‘bruising’, a process that is aimed at the further reduction of its moisture and grassiness. Once this process is finished, the tea farmers shake the leaves in a rattan basket and pressure the leaves with their hands to spread out and accelerate the oxidation. After this shaking step, tea leaves show green in the centre and red at the edge. At the penultimate stage, the Oolong tea is heated to reduce the enzymes in the leaves and to stop the oxidation. Finally, the leaves are rolled into a desired shape and baked slowly into finished tea.

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