Unboxing: Tea Caddy Lincang Raw Pu’er | Pu'er Tea


普洱生茶:  plum, floral, fruity, long lasting after taste

Experience the joy of unboxing with our Tea Caddy, elegantly presented in a tall paper box adorned with a bamboo lid in a specially curated Cha Moods gift box. A brewing instruction is included for an immersive tea experience.

Tea farm location: Pu’er County

Known for its beautiful landscape filled with snow-capped mountains, terrace fields, lakes and gorges, valleys and forests, Yunnan province is one of the must-see areas if you visit China. Pu’er tea is another natural treasure proudly made by the locals in Pu’er County of the province.

Pu’er tea is a big-leaf variety of tea. It contains higher concentrations of organic compounds such as tea polyphenols and caffeine than teas made from trees with smaller leaves. This Raw Pu’er brings the warmth of sunshine: it can awaken your energy in the afternoon and helps digestion after lunch.

striking fresh fragrance
clear and slightly bitter taste
quick and refreshing sweet aftertaste

suggested teaware: teapot / gaiwan
brewing method: 4g tea in 110ml/100°C water (could be brewed for more than 10 times)
brewing time:
the 1st-3rd time: 15s
the 4th-7th time: 20s
the 8th-10th time: +10s per extra time

After harvest, the tea leaves are roasted for fixation at a temperature of around 85°C to stop oxidation and to allow their aroma to become more prominent. Afterwards the farmers roll the leaves lightly by hand and sun-dry them in the end.

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