Join Cha Moods’ Winter Tea Tasting Events – for Pu'er tea lovers

This winter, Cha Moods invites you to partake in a series of exclusive tea tasting events that promise to delight and educate. Join us as we unravel the mysteries and joys of Pu'er tea through two specially curated events.

Event 1: Shu Pu'er Tasting from Bulang Mountain

Embark on a tasting adventure with our freshly sourced Shu Pu'er from Bulang Mountain, Xishuangbanna, selected during our visit to the renowned master Jin Zhuang Li. Famous for her blending techniques honed as the chief quality officer at TAETEA factory, her teas are a symphony of taste and quality. We will break apart these tea cakes and brew multiple infusions, allowing you to taste the nuanced differences in each and delve into their stories.

Event 2: 2023 Young Sheng Pu'er Exploration

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Next, we explore the vibrant world of young Sheng Pu'er from renowned mountains like Jingmai, Fenghuangwo, and Bingdao. These teas, though young, have developed unique aromas over six months of aging. We will guide you through the distinct characters of each representative Pu'er tea region and share the brewing process, ensuring a delightful tasting experience.

These events are a rare opportunity to deepen your understanding of Pu'er tea and to connect with fellow tea enthusiasts. Book your spot now for an enlightening winter filled with the finest teas from Yunnan.

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