The Best Tea Drink in Autumn

While many people in the Netherlands know about coffee, there is also another kind of drink – also having a simulating effect, with good taste and even health benefits – often being neglected. Tea, and specifically the teas curated by Cha Moods for the autumn, must be your best choice for drinks in the next few months.

Tea according to Solar Terms

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The traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar marks the approaching of autumn through a solar term “Autumn Begins”, which is around 7-9 August. After “Autumn Begins”, it usually gets colder and more humid. Although in the first half, the climate could be more similar to Summer, calling for cooling teas to clear the mind and the heat. Autumn Equinox marks the day that splits day time and night time equally. It is also the point when tea of warming effect becomes more suitable. When it comes to the day of “First Frost”, also known as the last solar term in autumn, the temperature difference between day and night often becomes the largest. The harshness of autumn calls for the popularity of tea drinking, by which drinkers could not only enjoy its good taste but also the health benefits as well.


Which type of tea to drink in Autumn?

Oolong tea

is an oxidised Chinese tea that varies widely in flavour. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, oolong tea is neither cold nor warm in terms of properties, and can also clear summer heat, restore body water, and nourish Yin.

White tea

is the kind of tea that is not rolled or oxidised, therefore having a flavour often characterised as “lighter” than most green or black teas. Aged white tea refers to those having been stored for a long period of time, and is thought to clear away heat, toxin, and heart fire. There is even a saying in China to compare the value of aged white tea to “three-year medicine” and “seven-year treasure”.

Floral tea

consists of a bundle of fresh tea leaves oxidised together with fresh flowers. Osmanthus is a shrub with small deep golden flowers, often grown in Southern China. The traditional Chinese medicine considers Osmanthus flowers to be warm in its property, and drinking flower teas made from Osmanthus can help to nourish the stomach and kick out the wind-cold.

This is our selection of teas for the upcoming autumn. Also, we sincerely hope that you can enjoy the warmth and liveliness of autumn, especially by drinking a cup of tea!

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