Brew Green Tea in a Glass 3 ways

An-old schooled Chinese way of drinking tea is to drink directly from a glass cup with tea leaves in it , also known as: 'grandpa style'. It may sound less refined, although it is actually very practical and serves many correct purposes, especially for green tea.

Using glass tea-ware allows one to best observe the color and shape of green tea. These are not only indicators of the quality levels, but also part of the appreciation experience. Watching the leaves beating the hot water and stretching out, dancing up and down, takes one's mind to serenity.

There are, however, a more ceremonial way to look at this, that helps bring out the best of various types of green tea's quality.


This is the mildest brew method and is suitable for delicate teas: only buds, 1 bud 1 leave.

As the name suggests, one first adds water, then adds tea leaves on top and waits for 1-2 min until the leaves settles.

Some representative names are: Maojian, Yunwu, Bi Luo Chun, etc.

Mid water Method

First add 1/3 water, then add tea leaves, and fill the rest of the water from a high distance, wait for 1-2 min.

Water first protects the tea from being hurt by the heat. The water added the 2nd time helps the aroma of the tea to be awoken.

It is suitable for teas that are flat, tight, and typically have 1 bud + 1,2 leaves.

Famous representatives: West lake Long Jing, Anji Bai Cha

Bottom Up method

Tea at bottom, then add water from a high distance, wait for 1-2 min.

It is suitable for teas of looser form or of less tenderness, which often also need higher temperature to bring out the various aromatic substances.

Representatives: Houkui, Dianlu (Maofeng)

Temperature and ratio

It is a rule of thumb to brew green tea at temperatures around 80-95 degree celsius, with a ratio of 1g tea : 50-80ml water. This could vary a lot depending on the exact type, harvest and freshness of the tea.

According to Lu Yu's "Tea Classic", he pays attention to the water used for making tea, "mountain water, river water, well water". If you have good water, you also need to know the water temperature required for brewing tea, especially for brewing delicate high-grade green tea. The appropriate temperature is about 80 degrees. If the buds and leaves are slightly mature, the water temperature can be controlled at 85-90 degrees. If the water temperature is too low, the tea soup will be tasteless and lose its aroma. Therefore, brewing green tea is the biggest test for the skill of tea brewers.