Moonlight 1st Grade 2021 | Tasting notes by Tea Sommelier Mariëlla Erkens

White Moonlight 1st Grade

White tea from Yunnan, China, 2021 Spring

First steep: 4.2g 200 ml 90℃ 90 sec
Aroma dry leaf: earthy, herbaceous, fruity

Aroma wet leaf: earthy

Taste:  sweet

Aroma taste: earthy, fruity, herbaceous; henna, vanilla, honey, dried apricot, hay, mint

Aftertaste: bright, slightly minty, honey. When cooled off: aniseed and licorice

Texture: smooth, ends a bit dry, bright

Flavor type: rich

Intensity: L


Second steep: 95C 1 min

Herbaceous, sweet, a bit drier, more honey notes, sweet licorice, less fruit. When cooled off: licorice root and honey, rich and bright.


Third steep: 80C 2,5 min

Less sweet, spices, earthy; peppery, black pepper, wood, soil, autumn leaves, a bit thin, flatter now. When cooled off: honey and more woody notes.


Cold brew tea extract made with 4th steep White Moonlight:

Dry, sweet, herbaceous, spices, earthy; honey, wood, licorice root

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