'Cracked Jade' Wood Fired Ceramic Gaiwan 140ml


A beautiful two-part Gaiwan of round shape. The texture of the entire gaiwan is smooth and shining, the pattern on the outside and inside of the gaiwan is formed from the natural mineral content in the clay. It occurs when the ash from grass and wood in the fire adheres to the kiln shelves during the high-temperature firing.

The crack on the gaiwan cap is an artistic intention. The color might get darker the more you brew tea with this one.

This gaiwan has thick walls, the exterior doesn't gets hot. Two-part design with no base.

Each piece is one of its kind and handmade and wood fired by a gallery studio in Jingdezhen. 

Explore essence of wood-fired ceramics from Jingdezhen with our exclusive 'Raw' collection of handcrafted teaware. The 'Raw' series focuses on the naked firing technique — a traditional method where the ceramics are exposed directly to open flames without any glaze. This unique process means that each piece's exquisite textures are formed naturally by the ash from the firewood, giving every item a distinct natural beauty.

Each teaware piece undergoes high-temperature firing of over 1300 degrees Celsius for three days, ensuring its texture and durability. Crafted from local Jingdezhen kaolin clay, these pieces are not only safe and healthy but also boast excellent breathability after being subjected to such high temperatures.

Every item in this series is more than just a piece of teaware; they are a perfect fusion of handcraftsmanship and natural aesthetics, a prized possession for tea enthusiasts. With each brewing session, you'll appreciate the unique charm and rich historical depth of Jingdezhen's wood-fired ceramics. Made by Youning Studio based in Jingdezhen.

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