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White tea is a tea for all seasons. We select a tasting set of 3 premium white teas for you, including 3 x 15g prestigious white tea cakes made by the renowned tea master 

Mei Xiang Jing:

2018 Laoshu Yinzhen White Tea Cake 15g 老树银针 | Full Size Product 

2017 Baimudan White Tea Cake 15g 白牡丹 

Full Size Product

2018 Laoshu Gongmei White Tea Cake 15g 老树贡眉 

Full Size Product 


Tea Master: Mei Xiang Jing 


Tea farm: Fuding, Fujian

This premium white tea tasting set was curated by the renowned Tea Master - Mei Xiang Jing from Fuding, Fujian province of China. It contains 3 top tier Chinese traditional white teas: Laoshu Yinzhen, Baimudan and Laoshu Gongmei in the tea cakes.

2018 Laoshu Yinzhen White Tea Cake:
fruity, floral, herbal, grassy, and hay-like notes. light to medium, crisp texture smooth and elegant, energizing

2017 Baimudan White Tea Cake:
complex floral fragrance, fresh, mellow, sweet taste devoid of astringency, woody, light fruitiness

2018 Laoshu Gongmei White Tea Cake:
sweet, floral, woody, plum, soy

Gaiwan/teapot, 3g tea in 110ml/90°C water
(could be brewed for 7-10 times)
the 1st time: 30s
the rest of times: +20s per extra time

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