Dance of the Wind fragrance diffuser


The Dance of the Wind fragrance diffuser is designed with inspiration from the Weeble toy. It is a small unit of diffuser that can be placed on any flat surface, and this grass-shaped diffuser will sway with the breeze, softly spreading the freshest and most natural scents into the space. The principle of the Dance of the Wind diffuser works when essential oil is dripped into the Weeble through small holes. The oil is stored in the cavity of the Weeble, and then it flows upward through a guiding fiber cotton stick, which wets the paper grass, evenly diffusing the scent into the air. Sets the perfect mood for drinking a cup of good tea

Size: 240mm x 70mm 

The set components is:

- golden Scent Diffuser

- Grass-shaped Scent Diffusion Sticks Refill Pack x3

- Maple Wood Base

- "Deep in the Forest" Fragrance Oil 15ml

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