Fairness Cup Black Ice (Gong Dao Bei)


Material: Heat Resistant Glass


When you pour the tea out of a teapot or Gaiwan, the last drops are the most concentrated ones. By using the fairness cup, problem solved! It is an important teaware item in the Gonggfu tea brewing method. The main function of a fairness cup is to balance the tea soup, divide it evenly between each
cup, meaning that each guest tastes the same taste. The term "fairness" vividly expresses the host wants to show equal respect for each guest.

Tea etiquette is the epitome of Chinese etiquette from the perspective of caring for the guests. Low pouring with a fairness cup prevents the tea from splashing and the gesture of pouring tea is more elegant, making both the host and the guest feel at ease and happy. It has become a consensus among tea enthusiasts to pour the tea only 3 quarters full in a cup, to make it convenient for guests to hold the cup and to sip slowly and elegantly.

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