'Hidden Mountain' Incense Holder travel set



The 'Hidden Mountain' Incense Holder is primarily composed of a transparent acrylic mountain-shaped lid and a solid wood base box. In its brand new state, the incense holder resembles a crystal-clear peak, with the faintly visible mountain body, serene and quiet. As it begins to be used, nourished by each stick of incense, the transparent mountain slowly takes on a pale yellow outline traced by the incense smoke. With time and thoughtful reflection, the once unseen mountain becomes increasingly clear. The transition from 'hidden' to 'revealed' is the accumulation of time with each stick of incense. Only by spending time with oneself can one see the mountain deep within their heart.

Size of the holder: 135mm x 35mm X 45 mm

The travel set bundle includes wooden incense holder made of maple wood and mountain made of acrylic, with a piece of fire prove cloth, and a box of sandalwood incense, around 30 sticks.

A simple rectangular solid wood outer box comes to life with a window opened at the bottom. Through the top, one can abstractly view the array of mountain peaks. The crystalline mountain and the solid wood ingeniously form a minimalist image. A block of solid wood, enclosing a mountain, subtly embodies the gentlemanly character of Eastern culture: outwardly modest, yet with a vast and open heart within.

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