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Inspired by the Chinese Lunisolar Calendar, Cha Moods curated special new teas suitable for each season! Each season there will be 4 types of tea of 20 grams. 

The Spring Box contains:

2023 First Flush West Lake Long Jing (DRAGON WELL)|  GREEN TEA

Introducing our second-year collaboration with our friend Doreen, whose family hails from Li Jia Wu in the prestigious Xi Hu district. We're thrilled to present one of the most premium West Lake Dragon Well (Xi Hu Long Jing) Green teas available outside of China. Handpicked before the Qing Ming Festival and the rainy spring season (4th April on the Lunar calendar), this exquisite Ming Qian Long Jing offers an unparalleled tea experience for the discerning palate.
Cultivar: Long Jing 43.
Tasting Notes:  Wild Flower, Liquorice roots, Mint, Corn, Sweet, Mellow, Steamed Rice
Brewing: 5g leaf in 120ml 100°C soft water. First 3 brew, pour without waiting. 4-6: 20-30s. Can be brewed up to 15 times.

2023 First Flush High Mountain Yunwu | GREEN TEA

The fresh tea leaves used for this tea are sourced from organic tea farms on the Yunwu Mountains, located in the eastern part of the Wuling Mountain Range along the Xie River in the northwest of Shimen County.  Shimen Yin Feng tea leaves are tightly rolled, thin, and straight, covered in silver-white downy hairs. They exhibit a vibrant, oily, and lush green color. The aroma is clean, elevated, and long-lasting, while the liquor has a bright green color. Shimen Yin Feng tea is known for its unique qualities of producing a clear fragrance on the first steep, a concentrated flavor on the second steep, and a lingering fragrance on the third and fourth steeps. It has been recognized as a trademark product of Hunan Province.
Cultivar: Yin Feng.
Tasting Notes:   grassy and vegetal fragrance, smooth, slightly nutty, and sweet umami taste, delicate and tender aftertaste.
Brewing: 3g leaf in 250ml 85°C soft water, 3min. Can be brewed for 3 times.

Wenshan Pouchong | OOLONG TEA
One of the post famous oolong tea from North of Taiwan. The term "Pouchong" translates to "the wrapped kind," a nod to the tea's original production method where leaves were wrapped in paper during the oxidation process. Cultivated at high altitudes in the misty mountains of Pinglin, where the perfect environment for this tea to thrive. Made from the Qingxin cultivar, Wenshan Pouchong offers a delicate, floral aroma and a fresh, mellow taste that will captivate your senses.

Cultivar: Qing Xin
Tasting NotesFloral, herbacious, buttery, refreshing, smooth, sweet, light-bodied
Brewing: 5g leaf in 110ml 95°C soft water. First 3 brew, 20-50s. 4-5: 70-90s.

Gyokuro Sasahime | GREEN TEA
Gyokuro Sasahime from Kagoshima, a premium Japanese steamed green tea with a rich history and unparalleled flavor. This exquisite tea offers a unique contrast to Chinese green tea, despite its roots originating from China. Crafted through a special production process involving shading, Gyokuro Sasahime boasts a delicate floral aroma, velvety creaminess, and a satisfying umami taste. Sourced from the lush tea gardens of Kagoshima, this tea is a testament to Japanese tea craftsmanship.

Cultivar: Asatsuyu
Tasting Notescreamy, vegetal, sweet, mellow, umami
Brewing: 3g tea in 250ml/80°C water (could be brewed for 2-3 times). Brewing time: 1min.

The Winter Box contained:

'Laozong Premium Lapsang Souchong' | Red

Sourced from our tea master friend residing inside the secret Tongmuguan at 1280m altitude, Wuyi Mountain. Harvest of Spring 2022. Laozong means an old cultivar of 70 years old. Cultivar: Cai Cha.
Tasting Notes:  Wild Flower, Liquorice roots, Mint, Corn, Sweet, Mellow, Steamed Rice
Brewing: 5g leaf in 120ml 100°C soft water. First 3 brew, pour without waiting. 4-6: 20-30s. Can be brewed up to 15 times.

'Xiao Qing Gan', Shu Pu'er stuffed in aged Chen Pi (tangerine peel) | Pu'er

'Xiao Qing Gan' refers to the fruit of Chazhi mandarin harvested when it is physiologically immature. It is green and shiny, with thick peel, full oil chamber, and strong fruity taste. Xinhui Chazhi mandarin is harvested in Autumn. The pulp is removed and filled with Yunnan ripe Pu'er tea, and then dried in the sun or dried up.
We source them from the origin of most authentic Chen Pi production city: Xin Hui. 
Tasting Notes: earthy, rich, plum, fruity, peppery, herbacious, Citrus
Brewing: remove the lid and put the whole ball into 120ml 100°C soft water. First brew to clean and throw away. From second brew on: 4-6s and gruadually longer. Can be brewed up to 15 times.

'Milan Xiang' Honey Orchid Dancong | Oolong

Sourced from Wudong, Phoneix mountain, at the height of 800 meter. It's the type of Phoneix Dancong that's mostly consumed by local Chaoshan people on a daily basis. Similar to its infamous cousin Duck Shit Dancong, it is known for it's superb aroma. 
Tasting Notes: Honey Orchid, mellow, floral, sweet potato, mineral grape after 3rd infusion
Brewing5g leaf in 120ml 100°C soft water. First 3 brew, 3-5s. 4-6: 10-30s. Can be brewed up to 8 times.

'Ba Xian' 8 Gods Dancong | Oolong

Sourced from Chaozhou, one of our friend's private tea garden production. ‘Baxian' is a cultivar name, known for it's good qualities in terms of being very durable in infusions and highly aromatic. 
Tasting Notes: mineral, orchid, floral, smoky, fruity, smooth, bright, sweetearthy, rich, plum, fruity, peppery, herbacious, Citrusy
Brewing5g leaf in 120ml 100°C soft water. First 3 brew, 5-10s. 4-6: 10-30s. Can be brewed up to 12 times.


A sneak peak of what more is included throughout the year:


'Jin Yao Shi', Qi Zhong Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) from Zhengyan region of Wuyi Mountain

Exotic, Nutty, Creamy, Green, Spring? (who am I =w=)

Wild, Floral, Aged, Sweet? (who am I =w=)

Oriental, tea champagne? (who am I =w=)

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Enjoy an early bird offering of 15% off for the entire year. Join this unique tea club inspired by the seasons and select only the finest grade teas!

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