Tea Tasting Set | Classic


White Tea: Moonlight 1st Grade (无量风月) 4g /Wuliang Mountain, Yunnan

Green Tea: Maofeng 1st Grade (毛峰一级) 8g /Pu'er county, Yunnan

Oolong Tea: Formosa Milky Oolong (金萱奶香乌龙) 10g /Jiayi, Taiwan

Red Tea: Dianhong Golden Tip (滇红金针) 8g /Pu'er county, Yunnan

Pu'er Tea: Raw Pu'er (普洱生茶) 8g / Lincang, Yunnan

This tea tasting set composes of 5 classic tea representing the best of Chinese tea tradition. The selection ranges from the least oxidised to the most, displaying various levels of sensation in Chinese tea. Each of them is naturally scented and comes from a high quality tea farm. It is a perfect gift to treat yourself, or for the ones you love, or to impress the guests at a party.

Moonlight 1st Grade:
compelling floral fragrance
bright and rich taste
innocent and sweet aftertaste

Maofeng 1st Grade:
white Magnolia floral fragrance
fresh and umami taste, hints of steamed corn
delicate and tender aftertaste

Formosa Milky Oolong:
elegant floral and natural milky fragrance
refreshing honey taste
caramel aftertaste

Dianhong Golden Tip:
sweet floral fragrance
rich, smoky but still smooth and mild taste
honey caramel aftertaste

Raw Pu'er:
striking fresh fragrance
clear and slightly astringent taste
quick and refreshing sweet aftertaste

Moonlight 1st Grade: Gaiwan/teapot, 3g tea in 110ml/90°C water
(could be brewed for 7-10 times)
the 1st time: 30s
the rest of times: +20s per extra time

Maofeng 1st Grade: glass teaware, 3g tea in 250ml/90°C water
(could be brewed for 2-3 times) for 3min

Formosa Milky Oolong: Gaiwan/teapot, 3-4g tea in 100°C/110ml water
(could be brewed for 5-6 times)
the 1st-3rd time: 10s, +5s per extra time
the 4th-6th time: 25s, +15s per extra time

Dianhong Golden Tip:Gaiwan/teapot, 4-5g tea in 100°C/110ml water
(could be brewed for 7-10 times)
the 1st-6rd time: 15s
the 7th-10th time: longer

Raw Pu'er:Gaiwan/teapot, 4-5g tea in 100°C/110ml water
(could be brewed for 6-8 times)
the 1st-3rd time: 15s
the 4th-7th time: 20s
the 8th-10th time: +10s per extra time

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