Autumn Tea Subscription Box

Autumn is upon us, and there is no better way to warm up than with a cup of delicious tea. Cha Moods has carefully curated a selection of light-dark oxidized Oolong teas from Wuyishan and Taiwan, as well as a prized Hong Cha from Tong Mu Guan, to create the perfect winter tea subscription box. Our selection is designed to be fun and educational, with a coverage of geography, different varietals, and mouthfeel - all suitable for a cool winter day tea mood.

Here is what you will find in our Winter Tea Subscription Box:

Dong Ding: This tea is as lovely as it sounds. Also spelled as Tung Ting (Frozen Summit) Oolong, it is a medium-fermented, semi-ball-shaped tea produced in Lùgǔ Township, southwest of Nántóu County, Taiwan. With an oxidation level of approximately 40%, it exhibits a golden and bright liquor color, intense aroma, and mellow taste. The hints of sweet potato complement the overwhelming aromatic attack, leaving a pleasant lingering sensation in the throat and a warming effect for the winter.

Jin Yao Shi: A classic with a twist. This unique cultivar of Da Hong Pao from Qian Cun village in the Wuyishan Natural reserve area has unique dried rose aroma. The tea soup aroma is reminiscent of the pleasant scent of wheat, with variations in each infusion. It has a mellow and sweet taste, with a subtle hint of soy milk, showcasing the uniqueness of the Souchong cultivar. Sourced by our tea master friend, Mr. Li, located in Wuyishan.

Shanlinxi: Unlike other lightly oxidized high mountain Oolongs from Taiwan, this one has a unique charm from the Shanlinxi mountain area itself. It has woody and vegetal aromas, hints of orchid, and a buttery undertone reminiscent of the captivating essence of Shanlinxi. Its taste leaves a lasting impression that will keep you coming back for more.


Yin Jun Mei: One of our most prized Hong Cha (red tea). It is an award-winning Yin Jun Mei, made by master Li, on the date of the spring solstice Guyu, 2022, with maocha sourced from the sacred Tong Mu Guan reserve. A very light mood but tasty honcha, with hints of mint, hay, dried longan, and sugar cane. A big contrast to how one would expect a Lapsang/Jin Jun Mei to taste. Although it’s called Yin Jun Mei (Silver Horse Eyebrow) instead of Jin Jun Mei (Golden Horse Eyebrow), the 1 bud 1 leaf base gives the soup more substance and depth of flavors, which we would love on a winter day.

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